I would like to ask you something: what drives us to travel?

At the base of all, there is certainly the human curiosity.
That desire to go beyond our borders and discover what surrounds us.

As a travel industry specialist, you have a great responsibility: to make your customers interested in a destination or experience.
The way in which you communicate all this will largely determine the final result.

Among all the different parts of the communication world, there is something of vital importance: images.
They can make or break your campaign.

What I do is create a narration of your destination through photography.

I am Alessandro Carpentiero, a photographer from Milan, Italy, who specializes in travel photography. The path that has led me to this point has begun with music, which I have studied for many years, and with product design, in which I graduated in 2013.
Photography was always a great passion of mine, but I believed that design was my path.
After the first year as a freelance designer, however, the passion for photography came back stronger than ever.
Unsure of what to do, I booked a trip around Europe and started sharing my photos on Instagram.

I just wanted to share my photographs and the places I was visiting; I surely didn’t expect such a response.
In fact, in a few years, my account reached over 300,000 people.
This started to get me noticed by brands and communication agencies, and it was the beginning of my career.

With time and dedication, I developed my business, creating images for important businesses all over the world.


However, let’s get back to you.
Are you sure you have the correct images to communicate your destination, your experiences?
With this, I’m not just referring to the technique behind the photographs, but especially to the story.

I guarantee to my customers all this, as well as an impeccable and highly personalized service.
Contact me today to understand how professional travel photography can make the difference in your communication and marketing campaigns.

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